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Housetraining Package


Package includes:​

  • 1.5 hour set up session - In person or zoom

  • 1 hour follow up - In person or zoom

  • 30 minute zoom check in

     Are you having housetraining woes?  Have you tried all of the advice but are still having to clean up doggy messes?  Or did you just get a new dog and want to make sure you set them up for success?

     Let us help you build a fool proof plan for even the most difficult house soiling pups.  We will help you set up a safe space for your pooch and a solid schedule to keep you and your pup on track.  During the follow up sessions we will address any possible issues that arise and adjust the plan as needed.  Please fill out the intake questionnaire below to get started.

     Note: You may be required to receive a note from your veterinarian stating that the house soiling is not caused by a medical issue before beginning this package.  Please see your veterinarian if your older dog suddenly began having accidents after being fully housebroken as this may be a medical issue.

Email to get started!

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