Reactivity Training


Note: Due to rising rates in Covid-19, initial sessions will be held online to teach basic skills.  The remaining sessions will be held on location with masks and social distancing to stop the spread.


Package includes:​

  • 6 weekly one hour training sessions.

  • Clicker and treat pouch.

  • Personalized training homework and exercises to help you get your walks back.

Does your dog bark and lunge at other dogs, people, or objects?  Is it impossible to get his attention once he's locked onto his target? 


This package will help you get your walks back and get your dogs attention back on you.  Dog reactivity is caused by anxiety, stress, and frustration in your dog and during these training sessions we will get to the bottom of your dogs issues. 


Reactivity training isn't about just stopping the unwanted behavior, it's about helping your dog become calm and confident.

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