Reactivity Training

     Does your dog bark and lunge at other dogs, people, or objects?  Is it impossible to get his attention once he's locked onto his target?


     Walking a dog that barks and lunges at everything they see can be embarrassing, frustrating, and isolating.  You feel trapped and resigned to walking your dog at midnight, when you know nobody will be around.  Being a former midnight walker myself, I understand how you are feeling!


     Reactivity is very often misunderstood as protection or aggression.  In reality, your dog's reactivity is caused by anxiety, fear, stress, and frustration.  During this training plan we will focus on getting to the bottom of your dog's issues so you can finally get your walks back.

Image by Robert Gramner

6 Week Training Plan


Package includes:​

  • 6 weekly one hour training sessions.

  • Treat pouch and Clicker.

  • Personalized training homework and exercises to help you get your walks back.

  • Video review, text, and email support between sessions.

     During this training plan we won’t just work on stopping the embarrassing outbursts.  We will work on addressing your dog's feelings about their triggers so you can achieve true peace and finally have the beautiful walk you've always envisioned with your best friend. 

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