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Bites and Aggression

Bites and aggression can cause a lot of stress and fear in your home.  You may feel frustrated and at the end of your rope.  Aggression in dogs is a symptom of a larger problem and your dog needs a trainer who cares and understands the motives behind the behavior.  Trainers that punish the symptoms without addressing the cause will inevitably cause your dog, and yourself, more pain and suffering.  My goal is to address the issues behind the behavior and help your dog through those problems in a way that is kind and effective.  By addressing the root cause, we change the dogs emotional state.  This makes for a dog that is calmer, happier and more confident.  It will also greatly improve your understanding of your dog and your relationship.

I strongly recommend all dogs dealing with bites and aggressive behavior have a full examination by a veterinarian before beginning any behavior modification program.  Many times behavior issues are a symptom of undiagnosed pain or illness.  If your dog has experienced an unexpected behavior change, please have a full examination done by your veterinarian.

If you would like to set up a behavior modification consultation please fill out the questionnaire linked below.


$120 (up to 90 minutes)

This consultation is required for all cases with a history of bites and aggression.  During this consultation, we will take down a detailed history of your dogs aggression issues including any bites, aggressive incidents, and required quarantines.  This history will help us put together a timeline of events so we can set up a successful treatment plan

This session cannot be combined with any training package


Email for more information.


$135 per week

​This package includes each of the following for each week you are enrolled:

  • 1-hour weekly training session in-home, on location, or via Zoom per week. (Will depend on the nature of the issue.)  Additional 1 hour sessions can be added to this package for $60 each.

  • 1 - 30-minute Zoom session per week to check in with training progress.

  • 1 detailed homework sheet each week with specific training and task instructions.


Due to the nature of behavior training, I usually require a minimum commitment of 4 weeks.  Behavior modification does not happen overnight and will require time and commitment.

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