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Behavior Modification

Bites and aggression can cause a lot of stress and fear in your home.  You may feel frustrated and at the end of your rope.  Aggression in dogs is a symptom of a larger problem and your dog needs a trainer who cares and understands the motives behind the behavior.  Trainers that punish the symptoms without addressing the cause will inevitably cause your dog, and yourself, more pain and suffering.  My goal is to address the issues behind the behavior and help your dog through those problems in a way that is kind and effective.  By addressing the root cause, we change the dogs emotional state.  This makes for a dog that is calmer, happier and more confident.  It will also greatly improve your understanding of your dog and your relationship.

I strongly recommend all dogs dealing with bites and aggressive behavior have a full examination by a veterinarian before beginning any behavior modification program.  Many times behavior issues are a symptom of undiagnosed pain or illness.  If your dog has experienced an unexpected behavior change, please have a full examination done by your veterinarian.

If you would like to set up a behavior modification consultation please fill out the questionnaire linked below.

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Leash Lungers Package (Reactivity Training)

Dogs your dog bark and lunge at people and other dogs? Is taking your dog for a simple walk around the block a nightmare? Our Leash Lungers Package is for you! Let us help you get your dog comfortable around the things that make him go crazy so you can get your walks back.

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House Training Package

Are you having housetraining woes?  Have you tried all of the advice but are still having to clean up doggy messes?  Or did you just get a new dog and want to make sure you set them up for success? Let us help you build a fool proof plan for even the most difficult house soiling pups. 


Separation Anxiety

Do you have trouble leaving your dog home alone? Do they howl, cry, bark, or destroy things in your home when you are not there? They maybe suffering from Separation Anxiety. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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Custom Packages

Custom Packages are available to help you meet your training goals. Whether your dog is jumping on guests, stealing food, or just a mannerly mess, we can help with a personalized package!

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