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Basic Manners Class

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Dogs never stop learning, so we never stop teaching!

A full 7 week training course without the restrictions! This online training class is designed to help you teach your dog basic obedience training on your schedule! The class is designed around the traditional 7 week group class format but without the restrictions of an in person class. Stay in the class as long as you like and even retake it with other dogs in your household! You can also re-watch the classes and training videos as many times as you would like. You could never do that with an in person class!


Join us for our weekly live class! Along with this online course you will be admitted to a Facebook group or Zoom training session that meets once a week. In this live class you will be able to interact with other students and practice the skills of that week.


Personal one on one attention from your trainer! I also offer "office hours" once a week on Friday evenings where I will have my Zoom meeting room open so you can drop by and ask questions, get feedback on your training, or just hang out!

How does the class work?
  • After signing up for class you will receive automatic access to all of the recorded instructional training videos. 

  • You will want to start at the top with the orientation where I will introduce you to the class, go over what you will need for training, and introduce you to positive reinforcement dog training. 

  • Every week you will receive an email with the training topic of that week and links to join the Zoom or Facebook live training sessions!  You can join either one or both!  No judgment here. The live classes are Wednesday evenings at 7pm EST but don't worry if you miss them, they are all recorded for easy viewing at your convenience!

  • Feel like you need a little more one on one help?  Join me for office hours on Friday evenings at 7pm EST where I'm available to answer questions or help you with an exercise you are having trouble with.  These sessions are not recorded.

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What does the class cover?

Week 1 - The Basics

The first week we jump right into the basics.  We teach a focus cue.  We teach the 3 main positions of Sit, Down, and Stand.  We use this week as a way of getting you acquainted with the game of training and get our dogs excited for training time! 

Week 2 - Coming When Called

Coming when called is arguably the most important thing we will teach our dogs.  That's why this week is dedicated to just that.  We teach a basic recall as well as an emergency recall.  Your dog should be excited to come to you so we incorporate a lot of games into your training.

Week 3 - Walking Your Dog

A walk should be enjoyable for both you and your pup.  If they are pulling at the end of the leash, neither of you are having a good time.  This week we address not only getting them to stop pulling, but also how to work towards that beautiful heel we all want!

Week 4 - Stay and Wait

Does your dog dash out the door in front of you?  This is the week for you!  This week we teach the difference between the two cues "stay" and "wait."  We also practice incorporating them into your daily life.

Week 5 - Impulse Control

This is the week you never knew you needed, but once we are finished you will wonder how you ever survived without it!  Let's take an entire week and teach your dog patience.  A calm dog = a calm human.

Week 6 - Teaching your dog to relax

As a follow up to the impulse control week, we go deeper and teach your dog to actually go lay down and relax.  If you have ever wanted to take your dog to an outdoor restaurant, this is the training you need.

Week 7 - Cooperative Care

This week we focus on teaching our dog that the vet and groomer aren't scary!  We will teach your dog to not only relax, but to cooperate with you while you trim nails, brush teeth, and clean ears.  Taking a little bit of time to train these behaviors will save you and your pet years of heartache and fear.

Then what?

This class is designed so you can drop in any time and start learning.  Missed something and would like to retake a class? Go right ahead!  You have access to the recorded videos as well as the live classes for as long as you like.  Once we hit week 7, we start again at week 1 for new students.  Sometimes we'll take breaks between classes and focus on your questions, or practice reinforcing what you have been working on.


Graduation requirements are posted in the online class.  Once you and your dog feel ready, you can either send in a recorded video or set up a private Zoom session with me and we can run through what you have learned in the class.  Once you pass you will receive a certificate of completion that you can frame and hang on the wall!  Sign up now to start your training journey. 

Dogs never stop learning, so we never stop teaching!

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Karen and Annie

Love the natural, casual style of these sessions and how easy they are to follow. Everything is clearly explained and well documented. The pace is just right, once a week lessons, and being able to revisit the videos is so helpful. Not only do I enjoy practicing with my senior girl (never too late!) but I'm looking forward to working with the shelter dogs again now that I've got a few new tricks!


I really enjoyed the class!

Lan and Anka

Deborah and Taz

I can't say enough about Barkademics Dog Training! Jenna Huffman is an amazing dog trainer. She has the knowledge and skills needed to get the end results of a well behaved dog. I highly recommend her online training classes she has to offer!

A year from now you will wish you started today. 

Get the BFF you want, now!