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Friends and Family 

Virtual Training Class

First dog and handler $200

Each additional dog $50

Limit 4 dogs per class.

  • Invite your friends and family to take this class with you and share the cost to make it less expensive for everyone. 

  • Each student can join from their own home no matter where they live.

1 Student = $200 each 

2 Students = $125 each

3 Students = $100 each

4 Students = $87.50 each

This basic obedience class is broken into 4 1-hour sessions with personalized attention on you and your dog.  This class is only available via Zoom. 

Each dog must have a handler to participate in this class.  Classes can be scheduled around your schedule.

Email for more information


Barkademics Dogcadamy

A full 7 week training course without the restrictions! This online training class is designed to help you teach your dog basic obedience training on your schedule without the time and space limitations of an in person class.  


Join me for a weekly live class! Along with this online course you will be admitted to a Facebook group or Zoom training session that meets once a week. In this live class you will be able to interact with other students and practice the skills of that week.

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On Location Group Classes

Due to the spread of COVID-19, all in person and on location group classes have been suspended indefinitely.